Nivea Shaving Creams: Our Chart Topping Shaving Creams

If you are not keeping a beard, shaving must be a part of your everyday routine. Having the best kind of shaving cream is very important otherwise you might get your cheeks reddened. Using shaving creams of local brands might not give the best of results. Therefore, we have brought you a comprehensive review of Nivea creams that offer a variety of creams for shaving. Here, you are going to come across two widely used shaving creams presented by Nivea Company. We will also let you know the benefits you will receive while using shaving creams by Nivea.

Nivea Shaving Creams

Nivea Men Extra Moisture Shaving Cream

Knowing that Nivea is among the best-known companies for creams and other facial products, we can’t ignore to appreciate their high-quality production of Nivea Men Supreme Shaving Cream. It has been highly rated and recommended by customers. It is available in 8.7 Oz of quantity. The product is rich with ingredients like Aloe Vera, Vitamin and other active moisturizers. The vitamins present in this product keep you away from all kinds of irritations on skin. Furthermore, it keeps your skin hydrated for long. It will not let it dry out after shaving. You can experience the smoothest shave by using this product. And therefore after trying it for a few times, people tend to stick to it in future as well. Let us have a look at the benefits it promises to us.


Nivea Men Extra Moisture Shaving Cream

  • It gives a comfortable shave even with using heavy razors.
  • It has a soft smell.
  • It can keep your skin smooth and moisturized.
  • It has good lather quality.
  • It gives a soft skin after use.
  • The foam lets you have a shave without any cuts.
  • A few customers have complained about the quality. You can avoid this by buying through legit stores.
  • Users also complain that the consistency of the cream is too fluid.
Nivea Men Sensitive Shaving Cream

This shaving cream is suitable for sensitive skin. Most people get cuts on their cheeks because of local creams and their lather qualities. Nivea has especially developed a formula for sensitive skins. There is a difference between its lather quality and local shaving cream’s lather quality. Like other products from Nivea, this shaving cream also helps your skin to stay free from irritation. Overall, this product has a pleasant fresh smell. Nivea has created a combination of ingredients which takes care of your sensitive skin completely. Take a look at the features, pros and cons of the Nivea Men Sensitive Shaving Cream.


Nivea Men Sensitive Shaving Cream

  • It is very gentle and smooth in use. It brings the smoothest foam when applied on the skin.
  • It prevents dryness and moisturizes your skin deeply after being shaved.
  • It comes at a decent price. Very affordable for every man around the world.
  • Customers have appreciated the use of special chemicals which leave their skin in the softest condition after shave.
  • This shaving cream can provide you with slick lather.
  • It does not give you burns around your cheeks and neck area.
  • Some customers have complained that this gel dries out a little too quick.
  • Some people have faced irritation while using this cream. It might have been due to the reason that they are allergic to certain ingredients present in the cream. Therefore, check out the ingredients before you start using the product.

Undoubtedly, Nivea is among the best of companies as they put great effort in producing good creams for varying types of skins like dry, sensitive, etc. The company has got a good place among consumers and is a name of quality. Nivea shaving creams are preferred by many due to their natural ingredients.  Hence using these shaving creams will help you in having a smooth and soft skin too.


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